SitAbility eMove5-LCRS and eLift400-R

Motorised office chairs for people with injury or muscle weakness

Introducing the eLift and eMove powered office chairs

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Powered Office Chairs to fit you perfectly

Sitability exclusively produces the eLift and the eMove electric powered chairs based on ergonomic office seating. Our team has over 30 years experience of designing and building chairs custom made for people with the most complex seating needs.

The eLift-Rotate is an office chair with powered lift and movement lock with integral seat rotation, extensive height range and full manual adjustment.

The eLift-Tilt is the same as the eLift-Rotate but with a powered seat tilt instead of the seat rotation. The seat and back move as one to fully assist those with standing difficulties. Both models are suitable for home or office use.

The eLift-Drive is an office chair that has a powered seat lift with a motorised drive suitable for indoor mobility. Drive wheels detach for transportation in a car.

The eMove5-RX is a motorised office chair. Powered drive and seat height lift are standard with the option of having other motorised adjustments for those with severe muscle weakness or paralysis. Integral seat rotation is standard.
Its slim compact design makes it ideal for use in restricted spaces without structural modification to the home or workplace.

The eMove5-Stand is a motorised stand assist office chair that gives freedom to change posture at will from sitting to standing for improved breathing, digestion and muscle tone. In the upright standing position the user is fully supported to work or interact with other people.

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Free on-site seating assessments anywhere in the mainland UK

To give you the best possible fit we offer free on-site seating assessments. We take into consideration your body measurements and clinical details then discuss the various options available and advise on chair use and adjustment.


Funding for our products in the workplace may be available through Access to Work. See or
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