Sitability eLift-Tilt lift-and-tilt powered office chair


Powered lift office chair with powered brake and powered seat tilt

At the touch of a button the chair locks in position and can be raised in height. Sitting and standing are made easy with the powered seat tilt and back moving as one to assist with standing.

The eLiftTilt offers a comprehensive range of ergonomic manual adjustments with upholstery sized for maximum comfort and support.


eLiftTilt Features

Powered heavy duty seat lift

Reaching new heights

Two extensive height ranges to raise you up to work or assist with standing.

Lifts from 45cm to 77cm or 49cm to 89cm

130 kg (20 stone) maximum bodyweight.

the Sitability eLift-Tilt powered lift and tilt office chair at three different height levels

Powered 22° seat tilt

Standing assistance at desk or table

Knee tilt pivot for a natural feel.

Rocker switch mounted on seat either left or right handside.

the Sitability eLift-Tilt powered lift and tilt office chair in its low position
the Sitability eLift-Tilt powered lift and tilt office chair in its mid position
the Sitability eLift-Tilt powered lift and tilt office chair in its fully raised position

180° seat rotation

Swivel with ease.

Rotate freely 90° left or right

Or lock in any one of five positions.

the e_Lift400-R motorised desk chair, being shown rotating through 180 degrees

Powered movement brake

Stability at the touch of a button

Lowering four rubber feet securely locks movement.

Safety feature: Seat lift only operates when these brake feet are on the floor

Control buttons on armpads

Easy reach light touch action

Large rocker switches for finger or palm control seat height and movement brake.

Free moving castors

Movement you can control

Pull in or pull out from a desk or table with ease.

Lead acid battery

Power when you need it

Battery charger supplied.

Charging port under armpad for ease of use.

eLiftTilt Options

Fold back arms

Height and width adjustable arm folds back for easy access when silver button at the base is pressed.

Arm locks automatically when returned upright.


Height and depth adjustable pad contoured to support the head and neck.

Footrest bar

Footrest bar folds up for access into and out of the chair.

eLiftTilt Specifications

Powered Adjustment

  • Seat height range 45-77cm or 49-89cm
  • Safety brake
  • Seat lift only operates when safety brake is on
  • Seat tilt
  • Lead acid deep cyclic battery x 2
  • Battery charger x 1

Manual Adjustment

  • Seat depth 7cm range
  • Back height 9cm range
  • Back angle -10° to +15°
  • Aircell lumbar support
  • Arm support height and width
  • Arm pad depth and width, with position lock

Maximum Body Weight

  • 130kg (20 stone)


From £2,650.00
Excludes VAT and setup

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