Sitability eLiftDrive-RiseRecline in fully reclined mode


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Ultra compact powered wheel chair styled like an office chair featuring powered rise and recline.

Rotates on its own axis for high manoeuvrability indoors.

This combined with its slimline design allows for easy navigation around the home even in restricted spaces.

Heavy duty powered seat lift.

Range of manual adjustments for postural comfort.

The eLiftDrive is one of a number of products from the eLift range. You can compare the eLift features and options here.

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eLiftDrive-RiseRecline Features

The eLiftDrive-RR has an all inclusive package of:

  • Powered drive
  • Powered seat height
  • Powered seat tilt
  • Powered backrest tilt
  • Powered leg pad tilt
  • Adjustable ramped – depth and height
  • Adjustable backrest – height
  • Adjustable air cell lumbar support
  • Joystick swing arm control

Recline Mode

Powered seat, back and leg pad tilt used together take weight of the back when you want muscles to relax.

the e_LiftDrive-RiseRecline powered chair in fully reclined mode

Stand-Assist Mode

Seat lift, seat tilt and back tilt work to assist in standing.

the e_LiftDrive-RiseRecline powered chair in Stand-Assist mode

Office chair mode

Adjusting the seat and back tilt supports you into an upright posture for desk working.

the e_LiftDrive-RiseRecline powered chair in office chair mode

eLiftDrive-RiseRecline Specifications

Powered Adjustment

  • Five speed drive with regenerative braking safety brake
  • Seat height 50 to 81cm
  • Back angle -70° to + 15°
  • Seat angle -15° to + 15°
  • Leg pad angle – 5° to +90°

Manual Adjustment

  • Back height 9cm range
  • Aircell lumbar support
  • Arm support height and width
  • Swing back joystick arm, depth range 4cm

Maximum Body Weight

  • 139kg (22 stone)


59cm wide x 70cm deep (Office chair mode)


24V 22Ah battery, 5 Amp battery charger supplied


Price from: £5,950.00

Price shown excludes VAT and setup.

Information on VAT Exemption

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