The Sitability eLiftDrive-Tilt chair


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A compact powered wheelchair with powered seat lift, drive and seat tilt in an office chair style for indoor use.

The slimline design together with high manoeuvrability makes it ideal for access into restricted spaces at home or work.

Drive wheels detach for car transport between locations.

The eLiftDrive-Tilt is one of a number of products from the eLift range. You can compare the eLift features and options here.

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eLiftDrive-Tilt Features

Powered heavy duty seat lift

Reaching new heights

Lifts from 45cm to 77cm or 50cm to 81cm

120 kg (20 stone) maximum bodyweight.

The Sitability eLiftDrive-Tilt at various height adjustments

Powered 22° seat tilt

Standing assistance at desk or table

Knee tilt pivot for a natural feel.

Rocker switch mounted on seat either left or right handside.

The Sitability eLiftDrive-Tilt

180° seat rotation

Swivel with ease.

Rotate freely 90° left or right

Or lock in any one of five positions.

the e_Lift400-R motorised desk chair, being shown rotating through 180 degrees

Powered Drive

Move about home or office

  • Five speed, with regenerative braking
  • Brushless motors with release brake lock
  • Swing back joystick arm

Rotates on own axis

Navigate with ease

Easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces

Detachable drive wheels

Travels with you

Backpad and Drive wheels detach to fit into a car.

Footrest bar

Support your feet

Flip-up footbar fitted as standard.

eLiftDrive-Tilt Specifications

Powered Adjustment

  • Seat height range 45-77cm or 50-81cm
  • Seat tilt 22°
  • Five speed drive
  • Lead acid deep cyclic battery x 2
  • Battery charger x 1

Manual Adjustment

  • Seat rotation 180°, with 5 x 45° stops
  • Seat depth 7cm range
  • Back height 9cm range
  • Back angle -10° to +15°
  • Aircell lumbar support
  • Arm support height and width
  • Swing back joystick arm, depth 4cm range

Maximum Body Weight

  • 120kg (20 stone)


Price from: £4350.00

Price shown excludes VAT and setup.

Information on VAT Exemption

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