the eLift400-R powered office chair in blue and black upholstery

Our revolutionary eMove5-RX

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The UK’s only motorised office chair based on ergonomic office seating

The eMove5-RX is an office chair that works like a powered wheelchair with renown manoeuvrability due to its slimline design,precision driving and ability to rotate on its own axis.

It offers the full range of adjustment normally found in an ergonomic office chair with sized upholstery for maximum postural comfort. Its unique integral seat rotation stops twisting of the upper body when reaching.

Powered drive and lift can be combined with powered options of other mechanical adjustments to provide mobility for people with severe muscle weakness or partial paralysis. The chair hands back independence allowing unhindered access about the home or workplace with freedom to interact with colleagues even in restricted spaces.

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An office chair that adapts to your needs

The eMove5-RX comes with a comprehensive range of powered options for assistance with access into and out of the chair as well as for making postural changes while seated. Notably the powered footplate and stand assist facility as featured in the Options below.

We size upholstery to suit your stature and can create bespoke upholstery shaped to suit specific clinical conditions such as scoliosis. Adaptations that can be added include knee/leg supports,mobile phone/cup holders, document bag, tray or stick/crutch holders all designed to make the chair ideal for your physical requirement and work role.

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SitAbility eMove5-LCRS
SitAbility eMove5-LCRS with flipup footrest
SitAbility eMove5-LCRS with gel kneepads

eMove5-RX Features

  • Rotates on its own axis
    Turns on a sixpence
    Very manoeuvrable. Ideal in restricted spaces at home or in the workplace
  • Easy to use
    Precision driving
    Responsive to the touch for easy driving
  • Slimline design
    Compact base
    For access through doorways. No need to modify the layout
  • 180° Seat rotation
    Swivel with ease
    Rotate 90° to the left or right. Degree of rotation can be reduced to suit. Safety drive inhibit operates when the central seat position is unlocked
  • High seat lift
    Reach high surfaces
    Up to 900mm seat height and assists with standing
  • Indoor & outdoor driving
    Keep on the move
    Easily travels up the recommended maximum gradient for a ramp with 100mm outer wheels and 200mm diameter drive wheels
  • Elastomeric wheels
    Comfortable driving
    Smoother driving over rough surfaces
  • Retractable drive wheels
    Movement without power
    Move the eMove5-RX without powering it up
  • 44Ah Battery pack
    Extended power
    4 x Deep-cyclic batteries are covered by a one year manufacturers warranty subject to regular charging
  • Mobile phone app – MyLiNX
    Information at your fingertips
    iOS and Android App gives up-to-date information on Battery Charge, Battery Usage, Drive Time and Diagnostics
    MyLinx app logo
  • 5-year warranty
    Peace of mind
    Warranty cover with a yearly maintenance contract
SitAbility eMove5-LCRS motorised office chair, facing centre
SitAbility eMove5-LCRS motorised office chair, facing slightly left
SitAbility eMove5-LCRS motorised office chair, facing left
SitAbility eMove5-LCRS motorised office chair, facing centre
SitAbility eMove5-LCRS motorised office chair, facing right

eMove5-RX Options

Powered footplate

Height adjustment at the touch of a button

Provides precise control of footplate height to maximise comfort in back, legs and ankles.

Travels down to the floor for easy access.

the eMove5's powered footplate

Powered stand assist

Gentle lift to help you stand

With powered footplate on the floor the powered seat and back combine to raise you up into a standing position

the eMove5-LCRS stand assist movement

Confor-fit upholstery
SitAblility's customised Confor-fit upholstery

  • Shaped to an exact fit alleviating postural pain
Combined Phone/Cup holder
Combined cup and mobile phone holder on the Sitability eMove5-LCRS

  • Flip-Up stainless steel ‘cup’ holder
  • Phone holder accepts all sizes of mobile phone
Document bag
Document bag option on Sitability eMove5-LCRS

  • Useful pockets for folders, books and magazines
Crutch holders
Stick and crutch holder option on Sitability eMove5-LCRS

  • Sized tubes for transporting walking sticks or crutches

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