eMove5-Stand in its upright position

With the eMove5-Stand we’ve expanded the possibilities

Price from: £12950.00

Price shown excludes VAT and setup.

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Stand and stretch

Our unique compact eMove is now available in a sit-to-stand version, the eMove5-Stand.

Using the joystick control the user is raised into a fully supported standing position. This freedom to change posture from a sitting to standing position at will improves breathing, digestion and muscle tone.

Working in restricted spaces without modification to high surfaces and cupboards becomes possible. Whilst in domestic situations daily jobs such as cooking or ironing become easier.

The eMove5-Stand is an office chair that works like a powered wheelchair with unmatched manoeuvrability due to its slimline design, precision driving and ability to rotate on its own axis.

It offers the full range of adjustments normally found in an ergonomic office chair with sized upholstery for maximum postural comfort.

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The eMove5-Stand has an all inclusive package of:

  • Powered drive
  • Powered seat height
  • Powered footplate height
  • Powered seat tilt
  • Powered backrest tilt
  • Curved leg supports
  • Calf pads
  • Adjustable Arms

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eMove5-Stand Features

  • Powered footplate
    Powered drive is immobilised when footplate is in contact with the floor.
  • Leg support pads
    Curved padded supports depth and width adjustable. Remove via a release pull ring
  • Adjustable harness
    Four point harness with quick release button. Straps fit over shoulder and around waist to hold posture.
  • Arms
    Allow access to worksurface and maintains position of joystick for driving.


Price from: £12950.00

Price shown excludes VAT and setup.

Information on VAT Exemption

  • Upgrade an eMove5-RX*
    Price on application
    *Seat rotation not available on eMove5-Stand

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