Secrets of Healthy Sitting

We all take sitting for granted. Rarely do we question “how we sit” yet in the process of sitting we hand over responsibility for our posture, spinal shape and ultimately our well being to what we are sitting on.

In this digital age with long hours spent transfixed on computer screens it is even more important we understand “How to sit correctly” for our health.

Our body is built for movement so static loading of muscles and restriction of vital systems brought about by prolonged periods of inactivity is the “worse case” scenario. By unconsciously adopting a high risk, slouched posture our spine becomes ‘C’ shaped increasing pressure on the intervertebral discs and straining its supporting musculature.

Dynamic imbalances are generated that create postural changes which over time can become permanent and result in pain.

Movement is constrained with breathing, circulation and digestion all compromised to the detriment of our health.

diagrams showing correct and incorrect sitting positions

We have produced 3 downloadable leaflets to illustrate in more detail the consequences of sitting poorly and how to sit with a healthier posture when working at a screen or laptop:

Active sitting is key to efficient, comfortable working. Always adjust the work area to suit your body rather than making your body conform to the space or task. Ensure equipment is positioned at the correct height to maintain a “balanced” posture with sufficient space to perform each task in a relaxed manner. To stop strain and fatigue move and vary tasks, ideally every 20-30 minutes. If possible alternate between a sitting and standing posture to work.

The secret of healthy sitting is to listen to your body and adapt your working arrangements to suit its requirements so it can function correctly for your well being.